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True Blood

Title: True Blood
Genre: Horror/Romance
Staring: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard, Sam Trammell, Rutina Wesley, Nelsan Ellis
Rating: Very, very adults only

Review: I admit. I'd kind of lost faith in the entertainment industry's ability to do vampires properly. Moonlight underwhelmed me, and don't even get me started on Twilight. So praise the powers that be, then, for True Blood - this is how I like my bloodsuckers - not suave PIs, not lovesick teens - but bad ass, dangerous, and oh so sexy.


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Best sites: True-Blood.net, trueblood_tv
Anything else of interest: Definitely not for the faint of heart. Enough violence and cussing to fill half a dozen Tarantino films, and sex scenes that wouldn't be out of place in soft core porn. You have been warned....
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Title: Merlin
Genre: Fantasy
Staring: Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Angel Coulby, Anthony Stewart Head, Katie McGrath
Rating: TV PG

Review: In a kingdom where magic is punishable by death, young magic user Merlin finds out that his destiny is to help arrogant prince Arthur survive to become the king of legend. Merlin befriends royal ward Morgana and her handmaid Gwen and tries his best to foil the plots that keep popping up to off Arthur.

Gushability: A+ Bradley James is a handsome kid and even though Arthur is a royal ass much of the time, he's also noble and deeply honorable under all the snottery. Arthur is a character you want to hate, but end up loving madly. Colin Morgan is also cute in a dorky sort of way.
Acting: A Anthony Stewart Head classes up the place and the younger actors are really pretty good for being new.
Scenery: A The scenery is quite pretty and magical.
Story: A While there are some rocky episodes from time to time, I've never seen one where I thought "I didn't like that one".
Rent or Buy?: Definitely watch
Overall Rating: A

If you liked this, you will also like: Robin Hood, King Arthur
Fanfiction recommendations:
Icon posts: Here

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Fan sites/listings: http://community.livejournal.com/merlin_tv/
Anything else of interest:
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Legend of the Seeker

Title: Legend of the Seeker
Genre: Fantasy
Staring: Craig Horner, Craig Parker, Bridget Regan
Rating: TV PG to TV 14

Review: When a young, handsome woodsman finds out that he's supposed to be the savior of a magical world and overthrow an evil tyrant, he's less than impressed. That is until a beautiful protector and a cratchety wizard get ahold of him.

Gushability: A+ Craig Horner is smokin' hot. And he's shirtless a lot. And he's constantly swinging around a giant sword. And he's got giant, dewy doe eyes. Can you tell that Horner sort of owns me?
Acting: B+ The actors do a good job, much better than normaly expected for a show like this. Horner's Australian accent occasionally surfaces though.
Scenery: A Filmed in New Zealand with excellent fight choreography
Story: B+ Based on the popular Goodkind novels, only made a little cleaner for mass consumption.
Rent or Buy?: Definitely watch
Overall Rating: A

If you liked this, you will also like: Lord of the Rings, Eragon
Fanfiction recommendations:
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Fan sites/listings: http://craighorner.com/
Anything else of interest:
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The Middleman

Title: The Middleman
Genre: Sci-fi, comedy, adventure
Starring: Matt Keeslar
Rating: TV-14

Review: A quirky and hilarious show chock full of pop culture references and reminiscent of Men in Black. It's smart, funny and fun.

Gushability: Matt Keeslar is a HANDSOME handsome man. He has aw shucks good looks with a killer body. Also, Jake Smollet as Wendy's song lyric spouting friend is a bit adorable too as is her boyfriend.

Acting: Stellar. All the leads are spouting off lines a mile a minute and everyone is terribly likable.

Scenery: Comic book chic.

Story: A clean cut nameless man recruits a young woman to help him deal with bizarre problems that pop up.

Rent or Buy: Well, you can't do either yet, but definitely watch.

Overall Rating: A

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The Magnificent Seven

Title: The Magnificent Seven
Genre: Western, adventure
Starring: Michael Biehn, Anthony Starke, Dale Midkaff, Ron Pearlman, Eric Close
Rating: TV-14

Review: A smart, funny and generally pretty well written western that was one of the first shows I was ever truly addicted to. It's no longer on tv as it only lasted two seasons, but it is on DVD.

Gushability: Former Terminator hottie Michael Biehn is still gritty and tough and Eric Close is still handsome even if he has questionable hair. My personal favorite though is Anthony Starke, who is devilishly charming as the morally questionable Ezra.

Acting: Pretty darn good. The guys are all character actors and make up for the sometimes less than great plots.

Scenery: Standard western fare.

Story: Seven very different men are enlisted to protect a tough town. Each man has his own issues from Chris's murdered family to Ezra trying to decide just how trustworthy he is.

Rent or Buy: Rent definitely and buy if you like Westerns.

Overall Rating: A

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Batman Begins

Righting a wrong!

Title: Batman Begins
Genre: Action, Detective, Comics
Staring: Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Liam Neesom, Cillian Murphy
Rating: PG13

Review: This movie was practically perfect, the best Batman movie ever (until next week at least)

Gushability: Christian Bale! and all the others too if you like them...
Acting: Superb. There's one misfire... but it's better to not mention her :)
Scenery: Perfectly captures Gotham
Story: Bruce Wayne travels the world to deal with his parents' murder. He comes back with a plan for Gotham. Others have different plans as well.
Rent or Buy?: BUY BUY BUY
Overall Rating: A+

If you liked this, you will also like: Other Superhero movies (but good ones clearly), The Prestige
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Vanity Fair

Title: Vanity Fair
Genre: Drama
Staring: Reese Witherspoon, Romala Garai, James Purefoy, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Review: I had wanted to see this when it first came out, but I heard that was mediocre from all corners, and eventually I just sort of forgot about it until earlier this year. And while it was no masterpiece, it was adequate entertainment. Certainly not worthy of all the derision it had gotten.

Gushability: If you want to watch solely for the hot men in costume drama, then this is A +. James Purefoy and Jonathan Rhys Meyers running around dressed liked 19th century soldiers is pretty hot.
Acting: It's good.
Scenery: Very pretty. The costumes are gorgeous. The director gives the scenery some Indian influence, so there are lots of brightly colored costumes and sets.
Story: Social climbing woman in England works her way up before, during and after the battle of Waterloo.
Rent or Buy?: Rent, but I could see it being a definite keeper for some.
Overall Rating: Regarding eye candy? A +. Story? Hmm. B-

If you liked this, you will also like: Well, another movie that people thought was lame overall but I liked was "Tristan and Isolde".
Obi Wan!!!

Burn Notice

Well here's another one!

Title: Burn Notice
Genre: Action
Staring: Jeffrey Donovan, Bruce Campbell, Gabrielle Anwar, Sharon Gless
Rating: TV 14

Review: This series is a trip. Very funny and wry. It manages that fine line between light and dark, with just enough action and romance and comedy.

: Dononvan is hot, especially in Michael’s impeccable wardrobe. And, well hello Bruce!
Acting: Donovan is perfect, pulling off the cold precision of a hardened espionage agent while at the same time allowing for some sort of emotional connection with his clients, friends and family. Bruce Campbell is wonderful as his wise cracking buddy always willing to lend a hand. Gabrielle Anwar is able to pull of a not annoying ex-girlfriend. And Gless is hilarious as his needy mother.
Miami’s sunny beaches.
Story: Michael was a US spy until he was unceremoniously burned and frozen out of the business. As he searches for the reason for his burn notice and tries to clear his name, he takes odd jobs helping people in ways that only an ex-spy can pull off. Best buddy Sam Axe and ex-girlfriend Fiona lend him a hand. And every now and then he was to have dinner with hypochondriac mom Madeline.
Rent or Buy?: Buy. If only to drool at Donovan’s lean frame and perfect abs.
Overall Rating: A

If you liked this, you will also like: In Plain Sight, Psych, Life.

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The Tudors

I"m new.  I hope this one's ok.

: The Tudors
Genre: TV Series; historical
Staring:Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Henry Cavill, Natalie Dormer, Jeremy Northam
Rating: TV MA

Review: Very good historical tv series about Henry the VIII (and all the sex to be had).  Sure it takes departure from history, but very good in general.  Even though I KNOW what's going to happen, I'm still intrigued with the drama.

Gushability - Pretty boys (Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Henry Cavill to name a few) dressed in leather and velvet. Lots of skin. LOTS.
Acting - The cast is quite good, Rhys Meyer has gotten very comfortable with the role and everyone around him is solid.
Scenery - beautiful lands, castles, historical places and the dresses!!!!!!
Story - Henry the VIII runs through a lot of wives... and there's politics in it too!
Watch or Buy:
  if you have Showtime Watch, if not there's quite a few place online to watch it.  Buy if you like the stuff!
Overall Rating - A-/B+

If you liked this, you will also like: ROME,  Gossip Girl (yes! all the political manipulation which depended on social climbing is no different than what the UES teens of the soap do!).  
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Title: Wanted
Genre: Action
Staring:James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie

Review: I wanted to love this movie, really I did, but I found it to be a lot of style and little substance. It's very violent and very nihilistic, but then it spins around and contradicts itself at the end. McAvoy does a decent job working with what he's got, but this movie isn't really about making a point, just throwing some shock value and improbably gun fights at you.

Gushability: Pretty decent if you're a McAvoy fan. He's shirtless some and in man!pain an awful lot as Jolie hands his butt to him on a platter repeatedly.
Acting: McAvoy is solid, though his character doesn't develop much aside that he's a wuss. Jolie doesn't really act, just leans on things and sneers. Morgan Freeman seems too dignified for all this.
Scenery: A lot of flashy CGI.
Story: A wussy, neurotic, depressed accountant finds out he's actually an assassin and is destined to become a member of The Fraternity, assassins who get their orders from....a loom. I kid you not. Story is not a big point here.
Rent or Buy?:Rent if just for the last gunfight where McAvoy is nine kinds of badass.
Overall Rating:C

If you liked this, you will also like: Fight Club, The Transporter


Anything else of interest: Not for the kiddies, I promise.
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